Better transport

Electric vehicles

Transitioning from petrol/diesel vehicles to electric ones is going to be essential to decarbonize the transport system.  This is a huge change that will take years but it is vital and we need to encourage this process.

Government grants are available for up to £3,500 off the purchase price of a new electric vehicle (£8,000 for an electric van).  Electric cars have many advantages: typically far lower running costs per mile, generally no road tax (vehicle excise duty), free parking in many cities and exemption from most city congestion/emission zone charges.  

Car sharing/pooling

Making better use of existing cars helps to reduce emissions, and is something we can do today. An efficient car full of people is actually similar or less CO2/km per person than a typical bus journey.  

Establishing easier ways to car-share in and around Wells is an aim for the near future. A few UK-wide websites/apps offer the ability to arrange shared journeys . . .