Carbon footprint calculator

Getting an honest and accurate measure of how much carbon dioxide you are responsible for emitting is a crucial first step to considering how you might be able to reduce your impact.  Is it your house, transport or something else that account for most of your emissions?

We need some numbers to answer these questions.  Thankfully we have some really great tools to help us. . .

WWF online calculator

The WWF have produced a very easy to use calculator, which is a great place to start.  Answer a few questions about your food, transport, home and purchases and you get a carbon footprint with some nice graphs and tips to help you understand and reduce it.  

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Sustainable Wells calculator

For a more detailed and accurate measure, Sustainable Wells’s very own Simon Dennis has worked hard to produce an excellent resource.  It is more numerical and customizable than the WWF online tool so you should end up with a more accurate total, particular if your carbon footprint is quite small.  

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