Get Wells Cycling

Many residents of Wells and the surrounding area are very keen to make Wells better for cycling and get more people on bikes.  It’s good for the environment, people’s health and will make Wells an even better place. If you would like to be involved please get in touch via

These are some of the areas we are working towards in partnership with the Wells City Council and the Strawberry Line group –


  • Bike racks – More of them, better ones (eg with lockers) and in more locations (find a bike rack here)
  • Recognize employers who provide bike storage and facilities for staff
  • Showers available for longer-distance commuters
  • Electric bike charging point
  • Bike hire

Cycle routes:


  • Regular cycle ride socials
  • Car-free day in the city centre
  • Electric bikes to try
  • Prominent towns folk cycling
  • Repair/maintenance events
  • Encouragement for new and returning cyclists

Interrelations with other road users:

  • Encourage respect and awareness for cyclists from drivers
  • Appreciation that every cyclist is a potential car journey avoided – traffic and parking
  • Be designated as a cycle-friendly city