Green Wells 2020

Green Wells 2020 is a city-wide effort to reduce the carbon footprint of Wells by as much as possible through aggregated individual actions.  

1. See our tips for actions that can reduce your impact on the environment.  
2. Tell us what you are able to do to reduce your carbon footprint using this form
3. We’ll add up everybody’s reductions to see how many tonnes of CO2 we can take off the Wells total by the end of 2020.  

The more people involved, and the more each person can reduce their environmental impact, the more tonnes of carbon dioxide we will save.  We need to roughly halve average emissions by 2030 to be on track to stay within the 1.5°C of warming that the earth can cope with. The 2030 target for maximum emissions per person works out to be around 7 tonnes of CO2 per year, so the average person needs to reduce CO2 emissions by around 5 tonnes.  The sooner we start reducing our impact and developing the habits of low-carbon living, the better.

Community action is motivating, effective, engaging and fun.  Let’s work together to see how much of a combined impact we can have.  

We’ll be organizing events to help people learn about ways to help, to share stories of success and motivate others.  


Do I have to live in Wells?  Nearby is fine too.  If you live in a completely different area perhaps you could start a similar project where you live (feel free to copy anything here that’s useful)

Do I include my whole family? Calculations are done on a per person basis so please just include what you are doing and if everybody is doing something they can report their own actions using the form.  Children are welcome to join in, using a parent’s email address is fine.    

Do I record things I’m already doing?  Yes, anything you will be doing in 2020 is fine whether you’ve been doing it for years or are just about to start.  

Why Wells 2020, I thought the aims were for 2030 or 2050?  Sooner the better for our individual actions, why wait to start good habits?  The longer term aims are needed for reducing emissions to net-zero, this requires a longer time frame since it involves larger changes (eg infrastructure changes for energy, transportation, housing. . . ) but voluntary actions can make a huge difference straight away..

I’ve already done the form but now I’ve started doing something else, how do I add that?  Please just do the form again with your new things and we’ll add them together

I’m doing something green but it’s not on the form  Brilliant, it’s what’s actually done that matters.  Please use the “other” section on the form and we’ll do our best to see how it adds to the total.  

I’m a business, can I contribute?  Absolutely, anything in Wells that is helping is good.  Send in what you’re doing. Businesses have a large potential to help and we would love to recognize and highlight green employers and companies.



We’ll be highlighting some people’s achievements in this section.  


Campaigns beyond individual action

Sustainable Wells will also be pressuring for improvements in Wells, and we hope you will join us in some of our aims for 2020 . . .

  • More cycling in Wells
  • Progress towards Electric cars
  • New houses to be built in the area will be zero-carbon
  • More renewable energy produced locally
  • Less plastic packaging and better recycling from homes and businesses
  • Tree planting and habitat improvement