Guide to Climate Change

See below for the slides for our overview talk on climate change – causes, effects and solutions. We hope you can use this presentation for your own knowledge and to help spread the word about the truth behind climate change and what we can do about it. The material provides background information and with discussion fits in with a one hour event. We hope this is useful, please use it, improve, tell us what would make it better. . .

Different formats and options are available for the same presentation . . .

View the slides here on our webpage

Note the little icons beneath the slides – you can make it full screen, advance through the slides, jump to specific slides and under options you can open the speaker notes to get some extra information on the material.

PDF of the slides

Download a pdf of the whole presentation here

Get the original Google Slides

Use these if you would like to make your own version of the material. Open the file (viewable but not editable) and then save to your own google drive. You can also export to powerpoint or open office but it looks like a couple of the images get degraded.

Variations of our main presentation

30 min talk and discussion [Google Slides] [PDF}