Monthly gathering: Insectageddon!

We couldn’t be more delighted to welcome Vanessa Becker-Hughes who will be taking us through the challenges facing our insect community (on which we depend) and what we can do to help them through with her talk Insectageddon. Please feel free to bring along a friend or more.

There will also be updates on other Sustainable Wells activities.  

“INSECTAGEDDON” – things we can do to stop insect population collapse.

If you want to know how to support our dwindling insect population, stop mowing your lawn. This was just one of many tips revealed in a fascinating talk given by Green Wedmore’s Vanessa Becker-Hughes at the Sustainable Wells Gathering on Monday evening. Even leaving only part of your lawn un-mown will encourage several varieties of wild flowers to blossom and provide not only nectar for bees and other insects, but habitat too.

Our insect population has plummeted by 60% over the past few decades and these little critters are vital for pollinating many of the foods we take for granted.

Vanessa’s talk on ‘Insectaggedon’ was given to a packed room in the bar of the Little Theatre in Wells where this local environmental group holds meetings every second Monday of the month; it aims to help local people find out what they can do to tread more lightly on the planet and reduce the CO2 emissions which are causing Global Warming.

The latest report from the Government’s own panel on Climate Change has revealed that they are woefully lacking in the sort of actions needed to keep warming below 1.5 degrees and only the electricity sector had made any meaningful contribution. This means that us local people are going to have to make many changes in our own lives to combat the threat of what Climate Chaos has in store for us. If we can do this life will be better not only in the future but in the present too.

Another suggestion from Vanessa was that we stop using any chemicals in our gardens. These have had a massive effect on bees. This has been horrifying demonstrated in parts of China where they now have to pollinate apple trees by hand with paintbrushes and pollen bought from shops!

Flowers which bees and other insects particularly like are:

Sedums; Herbs like mint, thyme, sage, etc – most have mauve blooms which they like; Borage; Lilac; Coneflower – Echinacea; Marigolds and other daisy-like flowers; Lavender; Cosmos and any open type of flower, not the double petaled or over-engineered varieties.

Bee hotels can easily be constructed, mown parts of the lawn play host to miner bees and be sure to leave some fresh water out for thirsty insects too.

Vanessa’s talk included much information on the type of natural hives bees like and she will be talking more about this in another SW meeting in the future.

Sustainable Wells next meeting will feature FOOD issues. Do come along! MONDAY 12th AUGUST 6.30pm to 9.00pm The Little Theatre, Wells. BA5 2PS